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Whether you prefer the sleek charm of skinny fits or the universally flattering one-size, shape-fit design, Carpe Diem caters to your diverse style preferences. It's denim that molds to your unique shape, embracing your individuality.

Simurg is manufactured with the utmost respect for resources. The use of sustainable yarns doesn't just stop at organic and regenerative cotton; it extends to innovative materials like Naia, Emana, and viscose, creating a denim fabric that exemplifies the respect for the entire lifecycle of resources.

Simurg isn't just denim; it's a sustainable elegance that prioritizes the health of our planet. Crafted with the utmost care, this denim collection is a testament to responsible fashion, offering a guilt-free indulgence in the art of dressing well.

Simurg is more than a fabric; it's a guardian of nature. Using sustainable yarn types such as organic cotton, regenerative cotton, post- consumer waste (PCW) cotton, lyocell, hemp, and linen blends, Simurg embraces a harmonious relationship with the environment, ensuring that every thread tells a story of nature's preservation.

Simurg proudly features organic cotton, a hallmark of purity and sustainability. This denim goes beyond fashion; it's a commitment to organic principles, ensuring that each piece embodies a natural, unblemished beauty.

Emana Technology
Emana Technology

Simurg introduces Emana technology, an innovative approach that adds a touch of high-tech functionality to the denim.
Emana Technology also has anti- cellulite properties and it has been observed that cellulite decreases as denim pants are used.
This not only promotes well-being but also aligns with the collection's overarching theme of responsible innovation.

Urban OUTFIT Icon

Step into the urban world with Magnum Opus, where denim becomes an iconic urban outfit The fabric's fancy constructions and knit denims add a contemporary edge to traditional denim, making it a go-to choice for those who seek to make a bold statement in the city's Jashion landscape.

The Address of Quality in Fabric
About Us About Us
About Us

W Denim™️ is the international sales and marketing company of Şirikçioğlu A.Ş., one of Turkey's leading denim fabric manufacturers, with an annual production capacity of 50 million meters and plans to increase its capacity by 50% as of 2024.

Since its establishment in 2013, W Denim™️ has been actively conducting sales activities in 18 countries with its team of young and dynamic professionals and has quickly become the choice of many global brands with its innovative perspective and collections.

The great contribution of our production facilities, which operate with the understanding of “Quality First”, to this success has been reflected in us as high self-confidence and customer-oriented work motivation, and has formed the basis for the steps we take towards always being better.

HAPPINESS in Every Stitch

The stretches in Carpe Diem aren't just about flexibility; they're about embracing happiness. This denim moves with you, allowing you to enjoy every moment without constraints. It's a wearable celebration of joy, reminding you to seize happiness with every step.